Tuesday 15 December 2009

Breakfast Club at the Urban Design Institute

Had a fab time this morning speaking to a breakfast session at the Urban Design Institute in NYC. The session was held at the Center for Architecture and the other presenters were Jake Barton (Local Projects), Jorge Colombo (artist) and Katie Dixon (Downtown Brooklyn Partnership).

With a good sized group of urbanists, architects and designers we discussed communication and urban design, and how the new accessibility of information is changing the way we experience our cities... we also had a good old poke at consumerism and bad branding... or at least I did.

My fellow presenters were fascinating. Jorge's work for the New Yorker, painting with an iPhone, was beautiful and insightful; Jake's work with interactive installations was utterly brilliant and I totally plan to collaborate with his group if I can; and Kate's work in Brooklyn is so close to some of our work, it was brilliant to make a connection.

Fab to be in the Center for Architecture, too - very much in the vein of our own, fabulous CUBE in Manchester.

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