Sunday 17 July 2011

Vertical farming in Manchester

I've just emerged from chairing the sold-out Vertical Farm event at Manchester International Festival. We officially unveiled the 'Alpha Farm' project which will seek to transform a disused office block in Wythenshawe into a fully-functioning vertical farm.

Supremely exciting and there are loads more details on our Alpha Farm blog.

The star turn today though, was the amazing and inspiring Dr. Dickson Despommier, the godfather of Vertical Farming and the author of a seminal tome on the very subject. He was brilliant - and braved a very windy and rainy Manchester to be with us from NYC.

Here's his presentation which will give you a little glimpse into what you missed if you couldn't make it:


And we've made a little film about the whole Alpha Farm thing:


  1. Steve,

    That was quick! Thanks for making it available to download. I'd also like to thank you very much for chairing such an informative lecture and revealing the plans for the Alphafarm, I'll be sure to follow that up fully on the website in search for inspiration for my final yeaar project! (I was the student who asked Dickson about making meat sustainable - something I'd really like to explore)

    anyhoo...where might we all be able to view the video of the presentation itself - I noticed a number of cameras filming the whole thing?

    Thanks again,

    Felix Hatton

  2. Hi Felix - glad you enjoyed the event. MIF will be putting the film of the session online at some point, I believe... will blog it/tweet it when it happens... Cheers, Steve